Find and co-invest in high return real estate from the comfort of your home.

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What we do

In 3-clicks you can become a landlord and enjoy returns from sale or rent. Co-invest in real estate developments that use alternative building materials that have faster build time and are eco-friendly. Its never been this easy to invest in real estate

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How it works

Create your Cofundie account and complete your profile using valid email & phone numbers.

Choose a property to Co-fund, you can get multiple slots in one property as well as multiple properties

Choose one of the payment methods & complete payment to co-own the property(s)

Start earning annually on the income from your property

Get unprecedented access

Invest in carefully vetted & handpicked deals chosen with the safety and growth of your money ensured

  • Best returns in the business
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Environmentally conscious & responsible

Real estate investing made simple

Diversify your portfolio

Regardless of your income level, you can now gain access to some of the most lucrative deals in the real estate sector with the potential to generate consistent cashflow and long-term equity build up.

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Why invest with us?

Every single deal that makes it through to the platform has been put through a rigorous due diligence process using the latest cutting edge technology. All assets are also insured by our reputable insurance partners

21st century investing

  • All partners are vetted intensively
  • Only 5% of deals we are pitched make it to the platform
  • All properties are built using eco-friendly materials
  • We provide the fastest time to ROI


  • Kelvin Nyame

    CEO- Meqasa

    "This company is going to change the way the real estate industry operates"

  • Eric Ekumankama

    Real Estate veteran

    "Cofundie is part of the coming revolution in the real estate sector"

  • Amarachi Nzenwa

    Cofunder-Team lead DRC

    "I am so happy to finally be able to invest in real estate and I love watching my money grow"

  • Abdulmalik Ibrahim

    Cofunder-COO Farmula ltd

    "I love the deal analysis process, it gives me confidence that my funds are safe"

  • Aaron Ejeme

    Cofunder-CEO Zuri

    "Cofundie gives me access to alternative sources of income"

  • Babajide Aloba

    Real Estate Professional

    “Investing in Real Estate, though desirable to many, has remained elusive mainly due to the high cost of investment. However, with “Cofundie” more people can afford to participate in Real Estate investment at different levels of financial capacity,It is really a welcome development”.

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