We are built with you in mind

Leveraging on the power of the crowd


To become Africa’s main financial organisation facilitating the mainstream adoption of alternative building materials & techniques in property development.


To provide a solid and reliable means of building wealth for people in SSA while solving the housing crisis.


We hold fast to our key values which include sustainability, transparency & innovation

Who we are

We are a real estate investment platform, our goal is to provide institutional grade real estate investment options to people who have traditionally lacked access to these deals. We invest in strictly eco-friendly alternative materials which are better for the environment, sustainable and capable of providing high yield returns, they also have lower construction costs in general. Our team brings in depth experience & knowledge in Real estate investment, management & development & Software engineering which enables us to bring you institutional grade investments with greater transparency. We are also passionate about creating sustainable solutions to the housing crisis in sub-saharan africa

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Market opportunity

Its hard to exaggerate the opportunity for real estate investment in Africa. The World bank has predicted that the population will double by 2050, these are people that will need a place to live, play & work. Investing with Cofundie gives you the opportunity to participate in building the buildings of the future

Pop by 2050(Africa)

Housing deficit by units

Presence by country

Why invest with us?

Low barrier to entry

We invest in structures made with alternative materials and techniques which are specifically chosen because they cost less overall in construction, have a quicker build time and are eco-friendly. We also divide the cost of construction into shares which can be as low as $100 and no maximum subject to availability.

Data driven decision making process

We employ a data-driven approach towards investment strategy, making strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation. All investment decisions are taken by an investment committee made up of experts in the industry, our insurance partners & the Cofundie team Deals are evaluated based on potential for long term growth, credibility of the partners as well as historical performance of properties in that area.


All shares are backed by real ownership in the physical property (Building+Land) The web platform is built using bank level security, Cofundie will never sell or share your data with any 3rd parties.Assets & rental income is insured by our insurance partners


You have access to different kinds of investments on Cofundie. Which gives you the opportunity to invest in commercial, residential, office spaces, shopping malls etc.This will help to diversify your portfolio, giving you access to various sources of passive income.

Deal analysis process

Our deal review process is designed to sift through all the noise and find the best and highest quality deals on the market suitable for large and small investors. Our commitment to you as an investor is access to the best deals through extensive and careful due diligence on deals and the property developers who bring them to us. We estimate a 5% acceptance rate for the deals

Deal submission

100 %

Partners submit deals

Due diligence

350 %

Intensive diligence on deal fundamentals

Preliminary analysis


Quantitative financial analysis

Investment committee


Committee decision