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About the platform

What is Cofundie
Cofundie is a Real estate investment platform. We make it simple for you to invest in properties built using alternative materials & techniques and earn returns on rent & sale. You can buy shares in income producing real estate in less than 5 mins and begin receiving returns once the building is ready
What are alternative materials & techniques ?
Some of the materials being used are mud, containers & hydraform. New techniques include rammed earth building (SRE), Prefab walls & 3D Printed walls
Why alternative materials?
The real estate industry is changing. Concrete is no longer able to meet the demand for affordable buildings common in Sub-saharan Africa, more and more developers are beginning to use materials & techniques other than traditional concrete. They are cheaper, faster to build and there is no compromise in structural integrity. Cofundie is on the forefront of promoting the use of these materials because we believe this is the future
Who can invest with Cofundie?
Anyone can as long as you are legally identifiable and are legally eligible to under the laws of your residence country.
How is risk managed?
All investments are risky, but we take different measures to ensure security as well as high yields for all Cofunders. 1- All assets & rental income is insured with reputable insurance companies. 2- All partner property developer are put through a stringent due diligence process to ensure that they are credible before they are allowed to pitch deals. 3- The deals are put through a 3 stage process using proprietary models developed by Cofundie which ensure both that the deals are profitable as well as have reasonable risk profiles . Our investment committee is made up of Real Estate experts, Independent experts and the Cofundie Team.

For the investors

What type of Investments are offered on Cofundie?
Cofundie features direct real estate investments in multifamily, retail, office, industrial, development and fund opportunities.
What is the minimum funding amount ?
The investment minimums vary with different projects, but they can be a share can be low as $150
What is a share ?
A share is the minimum unit of investment on Cofundie and works like a traditional stock in a company. Buying a share on Cofundie means you own a piece of the property(building & land on which it sits) . You can buy as many shares of a property as you want subject to availability
How do i monitor my investments?
Your dashboard is updated live with progression how your portfolio is doing. This includes, pictures & occasionally videos. We will also send you detailed monthly reports that keep you apprised of how things are going with your properties.
When will i get my funds back? ?
Different properties have different expected hold periods. A hold period is the anticipated time Cofundie expects to hold the property in trust for investors while it appreciates to the expected levels. It is important to read the offering documents for each funding opportunity for a deeper understanding of the hold period for each opportunity. Rental income will be paid out annually while returns on sale will be paid out at the end of the hold period Principal + Interest accrued
How long before i start receiving returns? ?
The duration depends on construction time and varies based on the size of the project. Our use of alternative materials & techniques guarantees shorter build times relative to traditional materials and Cofunders can start getting returns in as little as 5 months from the start of construction.
Can i visit my property?
Cofundie will organise periodic visits to your property both during & after construction. These visits are scheduled and have limited space so make requests beforehand to enable us make the necessary arrangements for your visit.

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We offer 24/7 support, our customer care professionals are always available to answer any other questions you might have

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